Artificial Intelligence Summit 2020 – International Keynote Speakers #DAY2


Artificial Intelligence Summit 2020 (Virtual Expo and Conference) is an innovation exhibition in response to the challenges of the information and technology exhibition industry which is currently experiencing limitations to carry out the activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Artificial Intelligence Summit is packaged on a website platform which contains a 3-dimensional booth display and product display in which visitors can navigate, walk down the gangway, resembling real activities at conventional exhibitions.
In addition, exhibitors and sponsors can directly interact with visitors to provide education and to introduce the technology products and solutions.

KEYNOTE SESSION DAY 2 (08.05 – 09.00 WIB) :

“Biometric Recognition”

Speaker :
Prof. Anil K Jain, Ph.D
Michigan State University
Moderator :
Dr. Anto Satriyo Nugroho

KEYNOTE SESSION DAY 2 (09.00 – 09.45 WIB) :

“Building All-Scenario Intelligence with Intelligent Twins”

Speaker :
Joy Huang
Vice President of Huawei Cloud & AI BG
Moderator :
Dr. Hary Budiarto, M.Kom

KEYNOTE SESSION DAY 2 (10.00 – 11.00 WIB) :

“Self-Supervised Learning and the future of machine and deep learning”

Speaker :
Prof. Yann LeCun
VP and Chief AI Scientist Facebook
Moderator :
Prof. Dr. Bambang Riyanto Trilaksono

KEYNOTE SESSION DAY 2 (11.00 – 11.45 WIB) :

“AI Computing Platform”

Speaker :
Keith Strier
VP Worldwide AI Initiative NVIDIA Corporation
Moderator :
Dr. Eng. Ayu Purwarianti, S.T., M.T.

KEYNOTE SESSION DAY 2 (13.00 – 13.45 WIB) :

“AI in Humanoid Robotics ”

Speaker :
Prof. Toshio Fukuda
President of IEEE
Moderator :
Prof. Wisnu Jatmiko, S.T., M.Kom.,Dr. Eng.

KEYNOTE SESSION DAY 2 (13.45 – 14.30 WIB) :

“Emerging Technologies in Google Cloud”

Speaker :
Charina Chou
The Global Policy Lead for Emerging Technologies Google
Moderator :
Sri Safitri, M.Eng.

KEYNOTE SESSION DAY 2 (14.30 – 15.30 WIB) :

“National AI Strategy”

Speaker :
Anna Sawyer
Associate Director, Deloitte
Moderator :
Sri Safitri, M.Eng.

KEYNOTE SESSION DAY 2 (16.00 – 16.30 WIB) :

“Unlocking The Potential of AI: from Machine Intelligence Perspective”

Speaker :
Bin Ma
Principle Engineer, Alibaba Cloud DAMO Academy, Singapore

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